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Donald Paty Lecture: 3-Dimensional Conformational Analysis of the Central Nervous System: New Insights Using Conventional Data

Lecturer: Darin T Okuda, MD (UT Southwestern Medical Center)

Within the specialty of multiple sclerosis (MS), neuroimaging of the central nervous system has served as a linchpin in
the early recognition of disease before symptom onset, diagnosis, and monitoring in the presence or absence of
treatment. Improved availability and access also have occurred throughout the world. Conventional MRI measures
of disease evolution, including the observation of new and/ or newly enlarging T2 lesions, alterations in lesion volume, and contrast enhancement continue to serve as key tenets in surveillance. However, these findings may only represent a fraction of the wealth of information available from the conventional MRI sequences they were acquired from. The introduction of 3-dimensional (3D) conformational measures – the study of shape, texture, structure, surface patterns – and associated dynamic changes may offer greater insights than existing approaches. While commercial platforms can measure regional and global volume changes suggestive of neurodegeneration, the application of 3D conformational measures has the ability of identifying exactly where volume reductions have occurred along with regions that may be selectively vulnerable to injury or resilient to disease. In this lecture, the application and potential benefit of 3D conformational measures in the diagnosis and surveillance of MS, neuromyelitis optica spectrum disorder, and myelin oligodendrocyte glycoprotein associated disease will be discussed. Results, below the resolution of conventional MRI techniques, by race and ethnicity will also be presented.
Finally, potential changes in our approach to MRI outcome measures in large randomized controlled studies and the value in furthering our understanding of pathobiological processes of neuroimmunological diseases will be proposed.

3-Dimensional Conformational Analysis of the Central Nervous System: New Insights using Conventional Data VIEW PRESENTATION

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