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Current Topics and Trends in MS Rehab Part 2

Chair: Patricia Bobryk, MHS,PT,MSCS,ATP (NMSS)

1) This session will focus on several aspects of vestibular and oculomotor function in people with MS that attendees will find of interest, ranging from introductory descriptions of how these functions are measured to the efficacy of targeted rehabilitation for improving function. The first segment will examine a number of clinical vestibular and oculomotor testing techniques, exploring their potential utility in describing vestibular and oculomotor dysfunction in people with MS as well as examining their association with other hallmark symptoms of MS such as fatigue and cognitive impairment. The second segment will specifically examine clinical measurement of central vestibular signs commonly seen in people with MS and how compensatory saccades during video-head impulse testing differ between people with MS and people with peripheral vestibular diseases. The final segment will examine recent studies of rehabilitation interventions to improve vestibular and oculomotor function in people with MS as well as take a deep dive into the presenter’s recently published vestibular rehabilitation trial. The session will finish with a question and answer / discussion period for attendees to share their impressions and experiences with vestibular and oculomotor function in people with MS. Level of information: Basic, Intermediate 2) Interpretation and Understanding Non-Pharmaceutical Clinical Research Multiple sclerosis (MS) is a multifarious, chronic disease of the central nervous system, resulting in heterogenous neurologic symptoms and progressive disability spanning multiple physiological and psychological domains. The complexity of these manifestations presents unique challenges to the construction of rehab clinical research methodology, including the development and selection of outcome measures. This Current Topics and Trends in MS Rehab session aims to bring to light different types of outcome measures so that session attendees can gain knowledge of commonly used outcomes and innovative measures in MS rehab-related clinical research. Level of Information: Intermediate

Clinical Assessment of Vestibular and Oculomotor Function in People with MS

Speaker: Graham Cochrane, MD, PhD (University of Alabama at Birmingham)


Central Vestibular Dysfunction: Gaze Stability and Corrective Saccades in People with MS

Speaker: Lee Dibble, PhD, PT (University of Utah)


Vestibular Rehabilitation in People with MS

Speaker: Brian Loyd, PT, PhD (University of Montana)


Get on Your Bike and Ride! The Effects of Aerobic Cycling on Brain Functions

Speaker: Susan Linder, DPT, PhD (Cleveland Clinic)


What is the Safety and Feasibility of a Group Exercise Program for People with Multiple Sclerosis? A Systematic Review

Speaker: Amanda Guberinic, DPT (Cleveland Clinic)



Rehabilitation | Research


Basic, Intermediate


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