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Hot Topics in MS

Chair: Corey C. Ford, MD, PhD (Univ of New Mexico Health Sciences Center)

This symposium will discuss the latest data on three MS hot topics for 2023. The first presentation will take an in depth look at the immunopathology underlying MS lesions and the evolution of these mechanisms over time. As the MS field begins to move away from traditional classifications of MS as ‘relapsing’ and ‘progressive’, our understanding of the actual pathology and its recognition with more specific biomarkers will have important treatment implications. The second presentation will update progress on our current understanding of the gut microbiome in MS severity and progression. This is an exciting, but complex, area of research with intriguing possibilities for impacting disease management. The final presentation will focus on 21st century digital tools to monitor MS. Advances in remote sensing, transmission, and data analysis will be important tools to help extend and improve care for MS patients, with fewer visits to clinics and real time observation. Level of Information: Basic, Intermediate, Advanced

MS Lesions and their Pathologic Mechanisms Over Time: Treatment Implications

Speaker: V. Wee Yong, PhD (University of Calgary)


Current Understanding of the Gut Microbiome in MS Severity and Progression

Speaker: Sergio E Baranzini, PhD (UCSF)


21st Century Digital Tools to Monitor MS

Speaker: Jennifer Graves, MD, PhD, MAS (UCSD)



MS Management | Research | Technologic Advances | Symposium


Basic, Intermediate, Advanced


AAPA: 2.75
ACPE: 2.75
CME: 2.75
NCPD: 2.75
RD: 2.75