Managing MS: A Team Approach (St. Louis, MO)

Managing MS: A Team Approach highlights the importance of rehabilitation professionals on the MS care team. The occupational therapist, physical therapist, and speech-language pathologist play a vital role in helping patients to sustain function and remain active despite the challenges that MS presents. This program is designed to help rehabilitation professionals employ the team approach, working cooperatively with all care team members, to optimize rehabilitation care and ultimately improve outcomes for patients with MS.

Speakers will describe practical, real-life solutions that can be used in clinical practice, making this meeting invaluable for rehabilitation professionals involved in the care of MS patients.

Professionals may obtain up to 6.5 contact hours of continuing education credit in their chosen discipline for participation in this meeting.

Registration is complimentary.

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The Continuing Medical Education Program is an integral part of the organization’s overall mission which aims to improve learners’ competence and performance‐in‐practice and ultimately improve patient outcomes.

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