The 2024 CMSC Annual Meeting scholarship application process is now closed. For questions, please contact Jennifer at [email protected].

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Scholarship funding for the annual meeting is limited and first priority for scholarships will be given to CMSC members, particularly those who have submitted abstracts.

The amount an individual can be granted cannot exceed $750.00.

Scholarships will not be awarded to individuals who have received another scholarship in the previous 12 months.

Scholarship recipients are expected to attend the CMSC Annual Meeting. A full refund of the scholarship is required if the recipient does not attend.


  1. Applicant completes form for scholarship consideration
  2. Applicant fits profile of intended audience for the meeting
  3. Applicant submits a letter of support (from employer, co-worker, faculty, etc.)
  4. Applicant submits a personal statement and reason for attending the annual meeting
  5. Full disclosure of other sources of support for meeting attendance is required.