The deadline for all 2024 push notifications is May 8.

Mobile App Alerts / Push Notifications

Alerts are a great way to keep attendees informed in real time.  If users opted in to receive push notifications, alerts appear on the device Home Screen as a notification. Therefore, alerts should be kept very short and additional details can be linked from the alert.

Keep your TITLE (max 30 characters) and MESSAGE as short as possible (max 40 characters).

Correct message length

max 40 characters or 5-7 words to fully display on all device screens

Too much text is cut off in the notification

max 40 characters or 5-7 words to fully display on all device screens

If you need to provide more details or formatted content such as bulleted lists, we can create a custom view that contains all the formatted content and link from the alert to the custom mobile page (for an additional fee).  You may also link to your own hosted website.

Alert on your device displays all text

Message from the mobile app

Selecting OK will redirect the attendee to an in-app page or to an external website.

A sample of an in-app page

We can create a custom page for you for an additional fee.


This is a mobile app feature only available to certain supporters. Please email Marguerite at [email protected] if you are interested in this feature.
Push Notification Submission Form

Select a start and end time to control when your alert appears in the app

Start time
End time

Please give CMSC a week to review your submission.  We will email you whether your alert has been accepted or if you need to make changes to it.  For questions, please email Marguerite at [email protected].